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iOS-app-store-iconThree.  That’s how many times a Director of Marketing I know opened her desktop computer during her recent maternity leave. Instead, nearly all of her online activity happened on her mobile phone and tablet.  As a marketer who’s product is almost entirely optimized for a desktop browser, this was a wake up call for her.

As our connected time spent rapidly shifts to mobile, so must we as marketers develop competitive mobile strategies to attract and engage consumers.  With apps making up 86% of time spent within a mobile device, mobile app marketing has already become a critical advertising channel for many verticals.  Growing your app installed and engaged user base is the first step. (more…)

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performance_large_singleEvery company with an app these days seems to be running paid mobile app install campaigns. I can’t go a day without seeing an ad on my phone encouraging me to install an app. Sometimes I bite and go for it. When I do, I usually take a quick 15 second look before deciding if I want to keep the app to check out later. If I can’t figure out how to use it or just don’t see the value in the app, it’s gone. A press and hold of the jiggly app icon and off it goes into the big app trash can in the sky.

As a marketer, I cannot help but think about how much companies spend to get people to install their apps, only to see their apps deleted so soon after installing. How much money did they spend on my install? What was their CPI? $2? $5? $10?

According to VentureBeat, most users acquired via CPI are of astonishingly low-value. Over two-thirds of the users acquired via CPI have a sub-$10 life-time value (LTV), and almost one in six have profitability-dooming LTV of precisely zero. (Read more). Ouch! As the app space becomes more competitive (hard to believe, right?) and the cost-per-install continues to rise, the problem for marketers will only get worse. (more…)

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