Liftoff Increases Daily In-App-Purchase Revenue by 137% for MyTona

Post-install events increase 20% for Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery mobile game

The ChallengeMyTona, one of the most successful hidden object puzzle adventure game developers, approached Liftoff with goals spanning the entire mobile customer funnel. Initially focusing on iPad users in the US, MyTona’s focus was to keep CPIs low, boost retention rates, while increasing in-app purchase (IAP) revenues for their highly successful Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery hidden object game.

The SolutionPrior to launching a campaign for Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery, MyTona provided all postback data to Liftoff through adjust, a leading mobile attribution and marketing analytics platform, including app installs and all in-app events.

The more data shared with Liftoff’s Machine Learning (ML) engine, the faster and more efficient it produces optimal campaign results.

After a brief exploration period, the ML platform created lookalike profiles of users most likely to convert in Seekers Notes on iPad in the USA. From this point, Liftoff programmatically bid on ads solely for this lookalike audience.

The Liftoff creative team launched the campaign by dynamically A/B testing many ad formats including interactive ads, interstitials, native ads, animated video, and banners. Given the visual nature of hidden object games like Seekers Notes, there was a lot of room to explore what scenes, messaging, post-ad prompts, and visuals performed best for optimal conversion rates. MyTona provided a variety of scenes and smaller creative elements which expedited the A/B testing process — concluding with immediate positive campaign results.

The Liftoff team are professionals. They understand how to acquire high quality users and analyze their performance. Weekly calls with Liftoff helps us evaluate campaign data and give us the chance to exchange thoughts and feedback. Elena Vinokurova · Marketing Manager, MyTona.

The ResultsThe early performance of the iPad USA campaign for Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery was extremely positive, with results outperforming KPIs and expectations. The Liftoff creative team enjoyed A/B testing various visual scenes and elements, and found great success in optimizing the end prompt on interactive ads. Testing holiday related designs (Halloween in particular) resulted in improved CPIs. Noteworthy measures of success for the campaign include:

  • Post-install events completed increased 20%
  • Game app installs increased by 58%
  • The CTI rate increased by 55%
  • Increased install rates up to 127% with video tests
  • Daily IAP revenues increased 137%

With the early success of the iPad USA campaign, MyTona increased ad spend for Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery by 58%. They also decided to launch additional campaigns across various geographies and platforms promoting Seekers Notes to a much larger audience.

MyTona is a free-to-play mobile game developer and publisher founded by twin brothers in Siberia. Their games include Cooking Diary, Ravenhill and Seekers Notes, one of the most successful hidden object puzzle adventure games created.

  • Founded in 2012
  • Headquartered in Yakutsk, Russia