Attract and engage quality users at scale with programmatic solutions that maximize growth, level up your creative strategy, and safeguard campaign performance.

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Programmatic Growth

Achieve your mobile advertising goals.

Our robust mobile advertising solutions support a variety of user acquisition and re-engagement use cases, including hybrid monetization ROAS models, app-to-web, promotional campaigns, and year-round campaigns.

Use our machine learning-driven campaigns to boost brand awareness, acquire the highest-converting users and achieve maximum revenue for your ROAS campaigns.

LTV Optimize

Programmatic Growth

LTV Optimize

Say goodbye to proxies and hello to LTV. Directly optimize for your LTV goals to maximize your revenue and acquire the best users for your app.


Programmatic Growth


Optimize for mobile web performance, grow your brand, and increase your user base by turning app-based audiences into conversions.

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Programmatic Growth

ROAS optimization

Grow your in-app purchases, advertising revenue, or both by optimizing the most engaged users.


Programmatic Growth

Promotional campaigns

Extend your reach, amplify your brand, and generate maximum awareness with seasonal ad campaigns and promotions.

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Programmatic Growth


Get the most value from your installs with our machine learning models and comprehensive data.

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Programmatic Growth

Analytics dashboard

Access all your campaign data in real-time to inform your growth decisions. Dive deeper with our easy-to-use export system and reporting API to identify trends and make campaign recommendations.

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Creative Advantage

Creatives that convert.

Optimize, analyze, and test the best ad designs with insights from our enhanced creative testing features. Quickly scale campaigns with high-impact ads driven by years of performance data and industry expertise.

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Creative Advantage

Multi-creative optimization

Test up to six creatives at a time to expedite creative wins and insights, reduce creative testing costs, and maximize ad performance.


Creative Advantage

A/B testing

Evaluate and compare creative strategies in one-to-one tests to pinpoint wins between two creatives, then iterate with data-driven precision.


Creative Advantage

Expert design

Creative Studio designs and builds campaigns that deliver creative success with high-performing, responsive ad templates, and experience producing over 120,000 mobile ads across all ad formats.

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Creative Advantage

Brand-safe designs

Let users click confidently by delivering designs with clear and consistent branding.

Fraud-free Campaigns

Plug into traffic you can trust.

Advertise with a trustworthy partner that only serves ads to real, quality users. Liftoff Accelerate detects and excludes 10 types of suspicious or fraudulent bid requests to maximize spending and keep your data clean.

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Fraud-Free Campaigns

Pre-bid fraud prevention

We filter out fraudulent bid requests before serving a single ad, protecting the performance and integrity of your campaigns.


Fraud-Free Campaigns

Avoid non-compliant traffic

Our automated tooling identifies and prevents geo-bleed by proactively cross-checking device language and version against the declared IP at bid-request time.


Fraud-Free Campaigns

Prevent attribution theft

Automatically identify and reject malicious clicks that take attribution away from actual users, including click injection and spamming.

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Fraud-Free Campaigns


Optimize for actions only real humans can take and keep your data clean by filtering out fraudulent or errant post-bid results.

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Fraud-Free Campaigns

Prevent fraud with
click signing

Our mobile measurement partners use secure tracking URLs that prevent URL-editing clicks and invalidate duplicate clicks at the MMP level.

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