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Acquire the highest-converting users to maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS)

This flexible approach to revenue generation helps you achieve all UA and RE ROAS goals by using ML-driven models that optimize for users who either spend the most in-app or consume the most ads or even a combination of both.


Find the highest-paying users with In-app Purchase optimization

In-App Purchase (IAP) Optimization acquires users that are likely to generate the most purchase revenue in your app. IAPs also increases brand loyalty, accelerates downloads, and unlocks limitless opportunities for users to spend on your app.

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Generate a reliable source of revenue with In-app Advertising optimization

In-app Advertising (IAA) Optimization is a new approach that uses the latest impression-level data to target highly engaged users who are most likely to interact with your ads, resulting in a steady stream of revenue.

How ROAS Optimization Works

Optimize for one or all revenue-driving events: ad revenue, purchase, subscriptions, and more

Sending postbacks specific to the event you’re targeting ensures continued performance

Uncover user behavior patterns and granular insights to inform your growth strategies.

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