Tap into data and insights for every type of mobile business. Increase user engagement, build better applications, and boost revenue with Liftoff Intelligence for mobile apps and games.

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Mobile App Intelligence

Grow your app business with insights that will help you make superior development, advertising, and monetization decisions.

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MOBILE APP Intelligence

Improve app development

Make app development smarter with competitive intel about features and social engagement plans that can amplify audience engagement.

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MOBILE APP Intelligence

Evolve your advertising strategies

Boost user acquisition campaigns and improve creative experimentation by leveraging insights about audience archetypes and motivators.

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MOBILE APP Intelligence

Enhance your monetization tactics

Increase ARPU by exploring new ways to implement IAPs, subscription plans, and other monetization tactics.

Game Intelligence

Grow your mobile gaming business with intel from GameRefinery. Access deep analytics on gameplay mechanics, meta-game features, IP usage, live events, and user demographics to guide your app development and generate revenue.

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Build better games

Get the insights you need to make great games in one easy-to-use solution. GameRefinery tools help you meet your goals and boost revenue with unique insights on in-game content, mechanics, and features.

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Develop features your players will love

Get insights on trending features and find new niches using genre and market filters. Develop features your players enjoy and maximize revenue for your app.

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Attract the right players to your game

Understand your audience and their motivations, add features that resonate with them, and more accurately target them through your user acquisition campaigns.

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