Grow your revenue by matching global premium demand with a superior ad experience to your inventory, maximizing earnings for every impression.

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Global Demand

Put your inventory in front of the biggest gaming and brand advertisers.

Generate advertising revenue from global users with access the newest technologies and features in the market. Monetize supports iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon platforms, so you can maximize your earnings potential.

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Global Demand

Best-in-class SDK

Easy to integrate and lightweight, the Vungle SDK delivers industry-leading ads that drive performance to your users across all major platforms.

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Global Demand

Monetize footprint

Join a global app monetization platform with a supply of over 150,000 apps, including 93% of the top 100. With access to all major mediation partners, find the right monetization path.

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Global Demand

Trusted partner

Our global account team will help you transform new learnings and best practices into monetization strategies that drive success.

Revenue Optimization

Push the boundaries of your revenue opportunities.

Premium advertisers and DSPs compete in real-time auctions for supply that maximize ARPDAU, optimize fill rates, and yield the most revenue for your app.

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Revenue Optimization

In-app bidding

Available through all major mediation platforms, our in-app bidding solution is the key to unlocking additional ad revenue, eliminating manual waterfall optimizations, and enhancing your app’s user experience.

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Revenue Optimization

Cache optimization

Our real-time ads ensure your app always has ads ready to serve, deliver the right ad to compete at auction, and avoid pre-cached ads.

Creative Quality

Deliver a unique and exciting ad experience to your users.

Top advertisers use Liftoff Creative Studio to design innovative mobile ads that connect with their target audience, yielding significant revenue gains for app publishers.

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Creative Quality

Multi-format support

Choosing from our wide range of fullscreen and non-fullscreen options, we’ll help you choose the right ad formats for your app and users, delivering great ad experiences and increasing retention.

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Creative Quality

Knowledge and innovations

Creative Studio uses extensive data to design innovative ad experiences.

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