Acquire Users Who Generate the Best ROI for Your App

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Actions Speak Louder Than Installs

From registrations, subscriptions, bookings or purchases, Liftoff helps you identify and acquire users most likely to convert in your app.

Engage target audiences

Target lookalike audiences across the app ecosystem to engage users most likely to convert.

Personalize your ads dynamically

Deliver personalized ads dynamically which produce higher install and engagement rates at lower costs.

Avoid Fraudulent Installs

Ensure you are spending on real users with fraud prevention technology that filters out 10 types of fraudulent traffic.


Drive Post-Install Conversions with Machine Learning

  • Tap into our database of over 2 billion unique, fraud-free mobile profiles.
  • Take advantage of real-time bidding across all major exchanges and mobile ad networks.
  • Target and spend on users most likely to engage with your app.

Scale your growth on mobile with programmatic app install campaigns.

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Helping mobile marketers acquire and retarget app users in 93+ countries


Liftoff is the leading performance app marketing & retargeting platform.

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