Mobile App Marketing Made Easy

Need help discovering, engaging, and retaining the right app customers? Our mobile app marketing and retargeting platform uses post-install data to run true CPA-optimized campaigns.

Engage target audiences

Target lookalike audiences across the app ecosystem to engage users most likely to convert.

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Personalize your ads dynamically

Deliver highly personalized ads dynamically which produce higher install and engagement rates at lower costs.

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Buy on CPA, not CPI

After a short testing period, Liftoff will move you from a CPI to CPA pricing model, de-risking your marketing spend.

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Mobile User Acquisition with CPA-Optimized Campaigns

Go beyond clicks and optimize for what really matters – post-install actions. Build an engaged mobile user base by acquiring users most likely to take meaningful actions in your app, such as registering, subscribing or making a purchase.

Run 100% CPA-optimized mobile user acquisition in under 60 days.

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“Liftoff offers the ability to target people who are similar to your most active users.”

“Liftoff specializes in app install campaigns, but it only gets paid for users taking a first action of some kind, not per install.”

“Dating Apps Not Working Out? Try In Spring Instead Of Valentine’s Day For Your Best Odds”

“App User Acquisition Costs More in Swing States (Infographic)”

Helping mobile marketers acquire and retain app users in 34+ countries

Liftoff is the leading performance app marketing & retargeting platform.

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