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Win your mobile app users back
with re-engagement

With over ninety percent of users ending their app use within thirty days of installation, keeping users engaged is key to generating revenue for your business. Limit user churn by plugging into Liftoff’s powerful machine learning models and high-performing creatives to maximize the value of your users.

How mobile app retargeting works

The user installs your app and then abandons or deletes it.

Liftoff targets your inactive users with re-engagement ads.

Users come back to your app, re-engage, and convert.


Use your target events to guide your re-engagement strategy

Take a data-driven approach to re-engaging your user base. To drive true incremental value, keep your UA campaign data clean and avoid cannibalizing your organic conversions. Start retargeting the day after most of your users typically complete your target event.

Re-engagement for all mobile app businesses


Decrease shopping cart abandonment rates


Promote recently searched hotels and destinations


Prompt users to register and subscribe to boost retention rates


Promote new features, levels & skills to keep users spending


Onboard new users by promoting product features


Do more for your app by combining user acquisition with re-engagement

Most partners offer UA- or re-engagement-only solutions, forcing marketers to run their UA and re-engagement in isolation of the other, resulting in misattribution and wasted spend.

With Liftoff, you can combine UA and re-engagement efforts to achieve better performance, better user experience, and cost efficiency. Use it to tackle app abandonment, reduce app churn rates, while boosting app retention metrics.

The benefits of running user acquisition and re-engagement with us

Better Performance

Leverage ML holistically to re-engage users at the right time

Better User Experience

Deliver a seamless experience with consistent creatives

Cost Efficient

Streamline operations and eliminate wasted spend

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