TikTok Scores 95% Increase in IPM After Leveraging Vungle Playable+ Ad Formats

TikTok has become one of the most popular social video platforms on the planet. With over 500 million global users every month – most of them millennials exerting a lot of influence on the market – TikTok is an invaluable trove of advertising impressions.

The Challenge

Like all advertisers, TikTok sought to acquire high-quality users through Vungle at lower CPIs. Based on TikTok’s placements, Vungle recommended Playables+ for optimal conversion – an ad format that TikTok’s in-house creatives team could not produce on their own. Furthermore, due to TikTok’s airtight branding policies, creatives had short lifespans and needed constant refreshing. Vungle Creative Labs (VCL) had to engage new audiences with a unique, high-quality format at a breakneck pace.

The Solution

VCL created a campaign for TikTok using Playable+, a high-quality video that contains a playable element and ends on a call to action (CTA).

Vungle produced high-quality, on-brand video to pair with creative elements, helping to shape TikTok’s style within the context of their brand guidelines. Videos were redesigned and recut to include snippets of TikTok’s trending clips.


To reduce the amount of manual work, optimize the campaigns at scale, and honor TikTok’s creative policies, VCL created video-playable templates and conducted regular creative workshops with TikTok to sync on creative requirements and guarantee a cadence of refreshed, engaging content.