Introducing “Product Feed Retargeting”: Taking Re-Engagement to the Next Level

By Morgan Friberg | April 24, 2017

Savvy mobile marketers know that over 90% of app installs will stop using an app within 30 days. There is no better way to bring those unengaged users back to your abandoned app than with a re-engagement campaign.

Today, Liftoff is officially launching ProductFeed Retargeting – a re-engagement feature specifically benefiting ecommerce and travel apps. The new Product Feed Retargeting helps entice lost shoppers back to an abandoned app and complete actions they started but did not complete.

The new product offering uses an entire product catalog to create dynamic, timely, and highly relevant product retargeting ads for each unique individual. Every ad created is based on a user’s activity within an app and delivered programmatically to produce highly effective re-engagement campaigns.

The Liftoff ProductFeed Retargeting allows app marketers to serve ads which increase in-app conversions. The ads are automatically created using a product catalog featuring the most up-to-date information available, such as current prices and inventory quantities. These turnkey campaigns have a number of benefits:

  • Entire product catalog – Liftoff automatically scans and caches an entire product catalog daily. Very large data-sets pose no problem and manual product catalog management is not required.
  • Daily updates – as product quantities and prices of inventory frequently change, ads are updated daily to continually display the most recent information.
  • Up-to-date pricing & inventory – daily updates to prices and inventory is extremely handy for large sales (think Cyber Monday and Black Friday).
  • Deep link direct to products – link users back to the funnel exactly where they left off, providing the best user experience possible.
  • Promote related products – show someone not just the product they searched for, but also related items, brands, or the most popular catalog items resulting in higher conversions.

Just like Liftoff user acquisition campaigns, our re-engagement campaigns leverages the core Dynamic Ads functionality. Ads are assembled programmatically in real-time, making them as relevant and timely as possible for each individual user, ultimately resulting in higher conversion rates. With the benefit of running both user acquisition and re-engagement campaigns, Liftoff provides a powerfully comprehensive mobile marketing solution.

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