Introducing Dynamic Ads

Generate Hundreds of High-performing Personalized Ads Automatically

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A Better Ad Experience

Marketing a mobile app requires designing ad creative that connects with audiences across different geos, OS’s and screen sizes.

Liftoff automates the production of mobile ads by programmatically generating hundreds of highly personalized ads in real-time.

Why Mobile Marketers Love Dynamic Ads


Dynamic Ads average a 150-400% increase in post-install conversion rates


Ad creative and messaging is automatically personalized to the audience segment or individual

Reduced Design Time

Because ads are assembled programmatically, there is no need to manually design ads

Built-in Optimization

Ads are machine-tested and optimized, removing the need for manual A/B testing

Insight & Learnings

Learn what parts of your ads work best to drive engagement and conversions in your app

High Performing Templates

Over 25 different ad templates tested and optimized to drive conversions

How Do Dynamic Ads Work?

  • Highly personalized mobile ads, assembled programmatically in real-time
  • Uses demographics, behavioral data, device/OS and location to generate hundreds of personalized ads
  • Adopts the look and feel of the device and OS they are displayed on
  • Algorithmically optimized for performance with built-in multivariate testing

Dynamic Ads work with nearly all IAB standard ad formats
including banners, interstitials, native ads, live preview ads, demoable ads, playable ads, and carousel ads.


  • Background
  • Messaging
  • Images
  • Phone Shell
  • Call to Action

Case Study

How Ibotta Increased Install-to-Purchase Rates by 240% with Dynamic Ads

Ibotta, a leading shopping app that gives cash back, uses Dynamic Ads to accelerate growth in purchases amongst new app installs. Ibotta ads are personalized by device type and product preferences.

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