Polaris Office Increased iOS Ad Revenue by 700% With Vungle

Founded in 1997, Polaris Office is a software company that provides efficient solutions to all users, including enterprises, organizations, and individuals, to experience new and innovative productivity improvements.

With more than 100 million users worldwide, Polaris Office is a cloud-based office suite that can easily and freely work on a variety of platforms and devices.

The Challenge

In Q2 2021, after changing their mediation from waterfall to multi-call, Polaris Office began a search for competitive ad networks to add to their ad stack. In particular, they were looking for ad networks with good performance in non-gaming apps.

The Solution

Polaris Office is no stranger to monetizing through in-app ads. Polaris Office, however, sought to earn more ad revenue while maintaining a quality user experience. Unlike many mobile games that integrate rewarded ads, Polaris Office, a productivity app, was keen to maximize reach without hurting user experience. Vungle’s Korea monetization team advised Polaris Office to integrate MREC ads.

In addition to the existing interstitial video ads, the Polaris Office team implemented Vungle MREC (medium rectangle ads) ads to show prior to app close. Vungle’s leading mobile performance marketing platform mainly served ads that matched well with Polaris Office’s non-gaming user base to optimize revenue.


Vungle’s Android MREC solution was exactly what Polaris Office needed. In the time since integrating MREC ads, Vungle’s share of voice has already reached 79%.

More importantly, Polaris Office’s overall ad revenue increased 700% on iOS and 250% on Android compared to last year through applying multi-call on mediation and optimizing ad networks.

“We highly recommend any publisher seeking to improve their ad monetization strategy by increasing eCPM and fill rates in tier 1 countries to test MREC from Vungle. For non-gaming apps that use native ads and MREC a lot, Vungle will be the right partner for you.”

Luke Chung
General Manager, Polaris Office