Mobile Game Marketing: Trends and Strategies for Marketers to Grow Their Games

In an increasingly competitive mobile gaming landscape amidst a constantly evolving privacy-focused paradigm in the mobile space, it’s more important than ever for marketers to stay ahead of the game. Join Liftoff, Adjust and other experts for an in-depth look at these dynamics by uncovering key trends and insights in the mobile gaming space to help marketers better understand how to grow their games.

What we cover:

  • The most interesting trends in mobile gaming marketing this year and what that means for 2023 and beyond.
  • How to optimize campaigns for In-App Advertising and In-App Purchasing.
  • What you can do with creatives that help boost downloads and conversions.
  • What can mobile marketers do to keep players from churning?


  • Cherry Shen, Director of Marketing at Pocket Gems
  • Reggie Singh, Director of Partnerships Americas at Adjust
  • Emma Egan-Lawless, Director of Growth at Lion Studios
  • Avi Das, Manager of Advertising Revenue at Liftoff