Tokyo Tsushin’s Hyper-Casual Game ‘Save them all’ Improves eCPM 166% With Vungle

Tokyo Tsushin is the No. 1 publisher in downloads in Japan, according to a recent App Annie report on Japan. The Tokyo-based company, which currently has a staff with an average age of 34 years old, was established in 2015 by Yuki Furuya. Beyond game making, Tokyo Tsushin created a “Digital Well Being” policy to find ways to make people happy through new applications and services.

The Challenge

Tokyo Tsushin sought to monetize their new hyper-casual game “Save them all” with in-app ads. Unlike IAP-heavy midcore and hardcore mobile games with users who tend to stick around longer, hyper-casual mobile games generally have a large DAU userbase as well as shorter user lifetime on average.

The Japanese studio had to look no further than Vungle to find a mobile advertising platform that had a track record for increasing in-app ad revenue for hyper-casual games at scale.

The Solution

In order to increase ad revenue for a hyper-casual game like “Save them all”, it’s imperative to work with a mobile ad platform that can serve ads at a high fill rate as well as offer the ability to optimize campaigns and ad placements.

Shortly after the Tokyo-based company began working with Vungle, the Vungle Japan team instructed Tokyo Tsushin to set up Vungle’s Flat CPM in “Save them all” to increase the value of their ad inventory and to serve a higher volume of ads. Tokyo Tsushin and the Vungle team collaborated closely to create multiple interstitial video and rewarded video placements in “Save them all”. Then, Flat CPM values were set for each placement to prioritize high CPM ads.

And by flexibly adjusting the Flat CPM values based on their performance data, Tokyo Tsushin achieved a good eCPM not only through Vungle direct ads but also through third-party programmatic demand.


As a result of their close collaboration with Vungle, “Save them all” achieved an eCPM up to $28 and has consistently maintained it above $20. Despite the short life cycle of a game in the hyper-casual genre, “Save them all” has maintained a high quality experience from the launch of the game in late 2020 to today, monetizing through Vungle’s mobile ad platform of leading global advertisers.

“When we compare eCPM from the early stage to now, eCPM has improved by 166% and we can see that Vungle has been implementing the best practices to our app. We can say with full confidence that Vungle is an irreplaceable partner of ours.”

Yuta Tsushiya
Internet Media Business Leader, Tokyo Tsushin