Introducing Liftoff’s 2024 Casual Gaming Apps Report

By Ruoji Tang | April 24, 2024

The post-pandemic years have been tough for mobile gaming companies, but there is cause for optimism. According to, while downloads and in-app purchases are still lagging coming out of 2023, consumer spend overall is rebounding, and total hours spent in apps continue to grow. While game developers are unlikely to see the unprecedented growth and engagement rates of 2021, the mobile gaming market continues to be dynamic, and there are opportunities for newcomers and incumbents alike.

From innovations to genre norms to new monetization strategies, mobile games are already evolving to meet the challenges of the market. As hyper-casual games fade in popularity, casual games survive and thrive by continuing to evolve and innovate. 3D match games have carved out their lucrative niche, and hybrid-casual success stories continue to dominate industry attention.

Live events are now a staple for top-performing games. From partner events to social win streaks, events are key to keeping valuable players engaged longer. Monetization strategies are also changing. Different progressive offer bundles, for example, encourage ongoing purchases while offering value to players. In a demanding market, prioritizing ROI every step along the user journey is essential—it’s also the focus of this report.

From scaling your audience with the right ROI metrics and insights to driving engagement with the right features to new in-app monetization models, Liftoff’s report pinpoints revenue drivers for casual games. In addition to install costs and ROAS benchmarks from Accelerate, Liftoff’s programmatic DSP, we share exclusive insights from GameRefinery analysts to help game developers and marketers capture value where it counts. For app developers and marketers looking to thrive in 2024, the right partners combined with a data-driven approach will be essential.

For a detailed look, download the full report.

Highlights include:

  • UA cost and ROAS benchmarks for casual games by genre, region, and month
  • The latest genre and feature innovations in casual games identified by GameRefinery analysts
  • The top live event trends supercharging revenue and stickiness for mobile games
  • The must-know in-app monetization strategies implemented in the top casual games