Liftoff increases Viva Slots Vegas game plays by 588% for Rocket Games

Viva Slots Vegas experiences 140% increase
in install-to-action rate

The ChallengeRocket Games, one of the largest independent social casino game developers, employed Liftoff to boost the amount of engaged users who played their free mobile classic casino game, Viva Slots Vegas.

The SolutionAfter trying multiple vendors, Liftoff won the trust of Rocket Games to run mobile user acquisition campaigns. The main KPIs measured were Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) within a few days of a new app install and user retention rates (opening and playing Viva Slots Vegas).

Postback data on installs and in-app events from adjust, a leading mobile attribution and marketing analytics platform, were sent to Liftoff. Proprietary machine learning technology uses this data to define Viva Slots Vegas’ most engaged players on iOS and create initial lookalike profiles.

Liftoff also collaborated with Rocket Games to A/B test Dynamic Ads. We built out and optimized animated playable interstitial ads, banner ads, and native ads to learn which designs and messaging resonated best with the most engaged players.

We really like Liftoff as a partner. Their creative team is great and have consistently delivered strong performance while keeping cost down. Suman Som · User Acquisition, Rocket Games

ConclusionWithin months of employing Liftoff, Rocket Games experienced an enormous increase in engaged installs and install-to-action rates. Highlights of the campaign include:

  • Total installs increased by 169%
  • Games played after install increased by 588%
  • Cost-per-action decreased by 18%
  • The install-to-action rate increased by 140%

As a transparent and stable partner, Rocket Games found it easy to forecast and budget ad spend with Liftoff – so much so, they willingly increased daily ad spend by 5.6x. Liftoff Dynamic Ads coupled with a proprietary machine learning engine to build out lookalike profiles of Rocket Games’ most active players are the largest contributors to the success of this campaign.

Rocket Games is a social casino game developer. The company has a portfolio of over 30 slots titles. With more than 700,000 daily active players, Rocket Games is one of the largest independent social casino game developers in the world.

  • Founded in 2013
  • Headquartered in San Francisco, CA