Drew Fung – Current

Fintech apps are getting personal, helping consumers manage their lives, not just their money. Current, a nimble neobank, is gaining steam with an app focused on “connecting your money to the friends, family, brands and experiences that matter.” But how can apps get that close to customers? What are the approaches and creatives that build trust? How should you align product and marketing to deliver an amazing user experience?

We get the inside track when our host Peggy Anne Salz catches up with Drew Fung, Director of User Acquisition & Growth at Current, and a Mobile Hero recognized for his user acquisition expertise and accomplishments. Drew shares novel ways to interest and acquire Millennials and lifts the lid on the ad creatives that inspire trust. He also draws from his recent blog to highlight best practices for choosing the right attribution window, keep watch on fraud, and ensure that marketers don’t pay for the same users twice.