Non-Gaming App Marketers, it’s Your Turn

By Trace Ronning | September 21, 2015

Build a great game and it’ll sell itself. Build a great eCommerce mobile app… get ready for a bumpy ride.

In recent years, the mobile app industry has exploded in both marketing spend and app usage, but support for app marketers across all industries has been far from equal. You can’t fault games for the disproportionate attention they receive, though. Without games, it’s hard to imagine the industry would be anywhere near where it is now. But with the increasing amount of money being spent on marketing other types of apps, the time has come to give marketers of non-gaming apps the support they need to succeed on mobile.

In the United States, mobile ad spend is positioned to surpass – no, blaze past – desktop for the first time in 2015 and finish the year at $28.72 billion. By 2019, 72.2% of all digital ad spend will be spent on mobile ads to the tune of an expected $65.87 billion. Again, the spend is not just attributed to gaming apps.  App-install ads are becoming extremely popular across the entire spectrum of mobile apps.

Still, an overwhelming majority of marketing support focuses squarely on gaming apps, leaving marketers of non-gaming apps left to parse what they can from general app marketing materials or distill takeaways from game-focused advice.

Mobile Heroes aims to bring focus to the needs and challenges of non-gaming app marketers. From growing paid subscriptions in business apps to driving repeat sales in eCommerce apps, the challenges that mobile marketers of non-gaming apps face are fundamentally different than the challenge of marketing a mobile game.

Why now?

Mobile marketing is at a tipping point. With mobile ad spend surpassing desktop ad spend this year, the drivers of mobile growth are coming from all industries – not just gaming. Mobile Heroes shines a light on the successes and challenges non-gaming app marketers.

Thanks to the participating Mobile Heroes, non-gaming app marketers will have access to a range of educational materials and thought leadership content to help guide them in building a more successful mobile business. Each week, this website will be updated with fresh, new content for marketers of non-gaming mobile apps so be sure to check back often.