Liftoff boosts subscriptions 30% in 90 days with re-engagement campaign

Liftoff boosts subscriptions 30% in 90 days with re-engagement campaign

The ChallengeInvoice2go, the top grossing business app in more than 50 countries, engaged Liftoff to increase revenue by converting more iOS and Android installs into paying subscribers with mobile retargeting.

Invoice2go’s 14-day free trial was not converting users into paying customers at the rate they hoped. This challenge means that Invoice2go needs to rapidly communicate their core value proposition, and excite potential subscribers enough to actively use the app.

The SolutionInvoice2go uses a mobile attribution tracking and marketing analytics platform. The Liftoff integration with this platform allows install and event data to seamlessly transfer to Liftoff. When Invoice2go was ready to retarget, no extra work was needed.

To begin improving Invoice2go’s subscription rates, Liftoff A/B tested Dynamic Ad creatives across native, banner, and interstitial ads – all of which were personalized to the individual user.

Liftoff’s machine learning system analyzed Invoice2go’s mobile profiles to optimize impression bidding in real-time, converting more installs into paid subscribers at Invoice2go’s target CPA within seven days.

Liftoff is one of our most trusted partners. They understand our business and our goals, and consistently exceed our mobile revenue targets. Misa Dinh · Director of User Acquisition, Invoice2go

The ResultsThe first 90 days yielded a 30% lift in new subscriptions. Within six months of launching the campaign, Liftoff ran 65 ad creative A/B tests, resulting in a 25% lift in new subscriptions attributed to mobile retargeting. Results include:

  • A 16.3% return on ad spend for Invoice2go
  • Scaled weekly ad spend by 114% while consistently reaching Invoice2go’s growth targets

The success of our mobile retargeting campaigns spurred Invoice2go to greatly increase their ad spend on both iOS and Android apps, and in turn drove a significant amount of new mobile revenue. In addition, Invoice2go expanded their mobile marketing efforts to also include new user acquisition campaigns on iOS.

Invoice2go is a mobile app that makes it effortless for small business owners and freelancers to track jobs and get paid. It’s used by more than 250,000 business owners around the world and has ranked as the top grossing business app in more than 50 countries.

  • Founded in 2002
  • Headquartered in Redwood City, CA and Sydney, Australia