Liftoff Increases Install-to-Order Rates by 72.2% for Talabat

Post-install orders increase 48.5% for popular food ordering mobile app

The ChallengeTalabat, owned by Delivery Hero, is the premier internet restaurant delivery service based in Kuwait. Talabat reached out to Liftoff with a mobile user acquisition challenge. Talabat operates across 6 Middle-Eastern countries, however their initial UA campaign was targeted at hungry Saudi Arabian customers on iOS. Their main KPIs included lowering cost-per-installs (CPI), lowering cost-per-action (CPA), and raising the percent of people who install and place an order, measured by install-to-action (ITA) rate.

The SolutionThe Talabat iOS campaign in Saudi Arabia began by sending all postback data to Liftoff from adjust, a leading mobile app tracking & attribution analytics platform. Postback data included installs and post-install events (food orders) – essential metrics for measuring the effectiveness of the campaign.

After an initial exploration period with rapid testing and modeling, the Liftoff machine learning (ML) platform created lookalike profiles of users most likely to install and order food on iOS devices. Liftoff then programmatically bid on ads solely for this lookalike audience, optimizing for CPIs, avoiding users who were least likely to install the mobile app.

While targeting and bidding was handled automatically, Liftoff performed A/B testing of ad creative, optimizing for lower CPIs and higher install-to-order rates.

Our experience with Liftoff has been absolutely positive. Liftoff has differentiated themselves from other platforms by providing unique solutions which contribute to the success of our mobile strategies. As a result we’ve been able to maintain a very good install to first order rate. Marco Esposito · International Mobile Marketing Manager, Delivery Hero (Talabat)

The ResultsThe Talabat campaign was successful from the get-go. Once the target CPI was reached, the campaign then switched to optimize for more valuable users, those that placed food orders within the app. Talabat moved to a CPA payout while Liftoff focused on scaling the campaign and reducing the CPA, well exceeding KPIs.

On the creative side, there are some excellent wins worth noting. The Liftoff creative team did various A/B tests while the ML platform worked its magic. The most successful test compared an animated banner vs a static banner which resulted in a 172% improved conversion rate.

Another notable A/B test pitted a static image of a Middle-Eastern feast vs an image of pizza. Not surprisingly, the local feast image won, resulting in a 23% improved conversion rate. Other measures of success for the Talabat campaign include:

  • CPAs decreased by 15.5%
  • Post-install events completed increased by 48.5%
  • Click-through rates increased by 12.1%
  • Click-to-install rates increased by 23.2%
  • Install-to-action rates increased by 72.2%

After the campaign hit CPI targets and began optimizing for CPAs, Liftoff was able to ramp up and scale ad spend – the average daily ad spend increased by 25.5%. On Liftoff and hitting targets, Marco Esposito from Talabat exclaimed, “They really care about the success of the campaigns they run and they always put a lot of effort to reach the partners’ targets and expectations.”

Moving forward, Talabat plans to scale up the existing campaigns by optimizing CPA levels and expanding the partnership to other countries, and other ventures of Delivery Hero. connects consumers with their favorite restaurants through web and mobile apps. With 4,100+ partner restaurants, is the first and biggest online food delivery portal operating in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar. Talabat is the preferred destination for people to order food online with more than 2 million registered users on iOS and Android.

  • Founded in 2004
  • Headquartered in Kuwait, Al Kuwayt