Naxeex Increases ARPDAU by 5% with Liftoff Monetize In-App Bidding

Based in Limassol and founded in 2014, Naxeex is one of the best mobile action game developers in Cyprus. They launched over 100 games and have more than one billion installs and tens of millions of daily active users. The highly acclaimed title Rope Hero: Vice town, made them hold the Top 10 in the Action category in Google Play for years.

Nikolay Andrianov, Marketing Director, shared his successful experience adding Liftoff Monetize as an ad network on Google AdMob mediation.

The Challenge

We use a hybrid mediation model in Google AdMob. Every month we conduct dozens of tests that improve the performance of our waterfalls step by step. The effectiveness of mediation is so high that we rarely see improvement above 1-2% in tests. Therefore, when our account manager offered us the opportunity to take part in the beta test of the bidding solution, we gladly agreed.


We tested Liftoff Monetize open bidding for Google Admob on the following top games:

  • Rope Hero: Vice Town
  • Real Gangster Crime
  • Stickman Superhero
  • Vegas Crime Simulator
  • Stone Giant

We set up a typical testing strategy for interstitial and rewarded formats – we kept the same Liftoff Monetize floors and added Liftoff Monetize open bidding as an additional level of demand. As expected, we saw a decrease in the share of voice (SoV) on floors, but not to zero, and we also saw a solid increase in SoV at the bidder.


We received very impressive results from Liftoff Monetize after making the move to AdMob bidding. The two key results that stand out for us here are; the overall SoV from Monetize increased 4-10%. Additionally, our overall ARPDAU went up 5% with Monetize. These statistical improvements were almost immediate, it has not taken long at all to see this overall impressive growth in performance coming from Liftoff Monetize.

“The Liftoff Monetize account managers provide superior support for our needs as the publisher. We are really happy to work with this team.”

Nikolay Andrianov
Marketing Director, Naxeex

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