Coalition Against Ad Fraud

Liftoff Joins Adjust’s Coalition Against Ad Fraud (CAAF)

By Morgan Friberg | September 19, 2017

Today Liftoff is proud to join the Coalition Against Ad Fraud (CAAF). Led by Adjust, a leading mobile attribution and tracking partner, the coalition is made up of key members of the mobile marketing industry including attribution vendors, ad networks and demand side platforms. Alliance members pledge to protect customers by working together to prevent ad fraud across the mobile industry.

CAAF members will collaborate on an agreed set of guidelines to combat mobile ad fraud. The guidelines cover key topics, including which companies are responsible for preventing fraud, as well as best methods for fraud detection and prevention.

Liftoff takes a hard line against mobile ad fraud and built world-class fraud prevention mechanisms into our bidding system. Because our user database contains the mobile usage history for over two billion devices, we are able to accurately model activity that’s normal and detect unusual behavior. We use this data to build a fraud model which we apply at the top of the advertising funnel — before we buy fraudulent impressions. Because of this, Liftoff prevents fraud, not merely detect it.

“Mobile fraud is a serious issue that is impacting app publishers across the entire mobile ecosystem,” offered Dennis Mink, Liftoff VP of Marketing. “We are pleased to join forces with Adjust and other industry partners to tackle the issue head on. Only by working together can we prevent fraudsters from stealing both attribution and marketing dollars from marketers on the front line of mobile.”

Through mutual collaboration and participation, CAAF strives to ultimately succeed in stemming the tide of mobile ad fraud. Liftoff is excited to join this group, working closely together to develop new solutions that further benefit advertisers being plagued by fraudulent traffic with the aim of disincentivizing fraud altogether.

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