CASE STUDY | UA + Re-Engagement

Liftoff Helps Just Eat Increase Number of New Customers and Decrease CPA by 28%

Liftoff’s Combined User Acquisition and Re-engagement Activity Delivers Impressive Results

The Challenge

Just Eat is a leading global online food delivery marketplace outside China. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Company is focused on connecting consumers and restaurants through its platforms. The app has a tremendous footprint, and in recent years, has focused on scaling up its retargeting (RE) activities to keep its vast customer base coming back for more. Liftoff was one of many vendors Just Eat’s marketing team used for remarketing.

As 2020 progressed, strategies changed and user acquisition (UA) became a bigger priority. Just Eat’s marketing team was now on the lookout for new, innovative channels to help them reach customers who make in-app purchases. The marketing team was interested in Liftoff’s unique ‘better together’ offering, which tied UA and RE together for better performance.

Just Eat worked together with Liftoff to kick off a new user acquisition campaign with one main goal: to lower the Cost-Per-New Customer. The mobile marketing team also wanted to maximize cost-per-action (CPA) efficiency. Liftoff kicked off the campaign in the Netherlands and Germany to assess if UA performance goals could be reached.

Our goal was to improve our volume of new customers by keeping a stable performance. Together with Liftoff, we were able to achieve this. The Liftoff team has extensive industry knowledge and are always coming up with unique creative concepts. I would recommend Liftoff to other app marketers because they really understand the customer’s needs and go above and beyond to achieve the best performance and a long-lasting partnership.

Victor Hernandez, Senior Performance Display Specialist, Just Eat

The Solution

Though this was a new venture for Just Eat, Liftoff was able to leverage historical data built from a year of retargeting activities, to create audience profiles of high-signal Just Eat power users. Meanwhile, Liftoff was re-engaging existing and inactive users with customer-specific offers.

All well-known advertisers face the common problem of developing new creative concepts for testing. Branding needs to be consistent across all channels, which can impact testing and innovation. By working together, the Just Eat team found the opportunity to leverage Liftoff’s creative resources and testing capabilities, running several successful tests by merging Just Eat’s branded assets with best-performing concepts that achieve the best performance possible.

Finally, the unpredictability of Covid-19 meant that Just Eat and Liftoff remained nimble, adjusting spend levels to balance customer and restaurant demand in a highly competitive market.


Just Eat had a goal of combining UA and RE campaigns to lower their Cost-Per-New Customer. The results didn’t disappoint:

  • Liftoff decreased the Cost-Per-New Customer by 28% MoM.
  • In combination with the RE activity, Cost-Per-New Customer decreased by 8% while advertising spend increased 12%.

Happy with the results, the Just Eat marketing team expanded their UA campaigns with Liftoff to six additional markets, while planning to add new geos in the near future.

Just Eat logo

Just Eat was created in January 2020 by bringing together two of the world’s most successful food delivery companies – (founded in 2000 in The Netherlands) and Just Eat (founded in 2001 in Denmark). Both companies were started by ambitious entrepreneurs who grew their businesses to be the number one food delivery players in their home markets and many others around the world. Today, Just Eat is the leading global online food delivery marketplace outside China.

  • Founded in 2020
  • HQ: Amsterdam, Netherlands
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