Liftoff Celebrates Women’s Equality Day With New Employee Resource Community “LiftUp Women+”

By Liftoff | August 28, 2023

Happy Women’s Equality Day! August 26 commemorates the day when women in the U.S. won the right to vote. At Liftoff, we recognize this day by hosting events that celebrate the women at our company. 

This year, we formed our first Employee Resource Community (ERC) for women and their allies, called LiftUp Women+. Our group will help continue to cultivate a safe and inclusive community where women and marginalized genders can discuss their experiences in the workplace, and also access tools and resources for professional development. 

To mark the occasion, LiftUp Women+ interviewed a few of the remarkable ladies at Liftoff about their experiences in the workplace, what they’ve learned along the way, and what women’s equality means to them.

What advice do you have for women navigating the workplace?

Beebe Sanders
Senior Manager, Growth + PMM
LiftUp Women+, ERC Lead

“Find your champions—people who will advocate for you, particularly in rooms where you’re not present. While no one can succeed alone, I think it’s especially important for women given the headwinds we face due to our gender.”

Ceci Zhao 
Machine Learning Engineer
LiftUp Women+, ERC Lead

“Everyone has different working styles—and you don’t have to be the loudest in the room. I used to feel that I was failing if I didn’t speak up as much as my male counterparts in meetings. But through conversations with my manager, my life coach, and my therapist, I realized it’s a matter of having different strengths. You don’t need to be someone else. Just be yourself and bring your strengths to the table. I now celebrate my differences, as my behind-the-scenes contributions are just as important.”

Jo Mariano
Onboarding Specialist

“Provide space for other women, whether it’s connecting them with valuable opportunities or just offering them a spot at the table. The ‘tech world’ is still growing, and we have a chance to redefine what it looks like. Women should be able to showcase their successes and their failures. Their stories will inspire future tech workers.”

How do you navigate the unique challenges of being a woman in the workplace?

Susan Hansen
General Counsel

“We often hear that women can’t have it all, but it depends on finding the right fit and having the support you need. After I had my twins and returned to work, I discovered how to work smarter and more efficiently. I also benefited from a fantastic boss who believed in me and supported me to make this happen. Learning this lesson of constantly changing and adapting my work style and goals has carried with me throughout my career.”

Ginny Lee
Product Manager

“I joined Liftoff in the fifth month of my pregnancy. I was worried the offer would be rescinded – but that didn’t happen. Liftoff provided the support that I needed. Our People team, my manager and I worked out a schedule that worked for me as a new mom. The flexibility ensured that I was as productive as before.”

What does women’s equality mean to you?

Casie Jordan
VP, Revenue Platforms

“I’ve worked in ad tech since 2006, and I have been in many meeting rooms where I was the only woman. Creating spaces for underrepresented groups and amplifying female voices is so important to me. It’s not about having a 50/50 gender split in a room—it’s about hearing and taking in different perspectives that we might not have otherwise considered.”

Jessica Dibady
Product Marketing Manager

“I don’t think equality should be the focus. I prefer enablement and empowerment. Often, women are not given the space to express themselves and take the lead. Enabling women means supporting and providing women with the tools they need to be seen and to thrive professionally and personally.”