[Webinar] 2017 Mobile App Engagement Index

On Demand Webcast

Armed with analytics marketers can aim high, but without visibility into benchmarks they can still miss performance targets by a mile.

With that in mind the 2017 Mobile App Engagement Index distills data around costs and conversions across a broad range of apps to help marketers benchmark their performance and plan the year ahead.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • Highlights from the 2017 Mobile App Engagement Index
  • Average CPIs, CPAs and conversion rates for App Installs, In-App Purchases, Purchases, Registrations, Reservations and Subscriptions
  • Tips when marketing to different genders and operating systems
  • Important seasonal trends
  • Insights across five major app categories: Dating, Finance, Gaming, Shopping, Travel and Utility

The PDF slides from this webinar are here.