How Accelerate’s ML Models Uniquely Capture GameRefinery Data to Improve Campaign Performance

How Accelerate’s ML Models Uniquely Capture GameRefinery Data to Improve Campaign Performance

By Liftoff | September 26, 2023

This blog post is the first in a series of posts exploring how mobile app developers can achieve faster growth through first-of-its-kind product enhancements only made possible by Liftoff’s unique product suite.

In 2021, we acquired GameRefinery, the industry-leading mobile game intelligence tool. Adding GameRefinery supported our product vision to arm app developers with the unique contextual data needed to succeed in the privacy-forward mobile app environment devoid of device identifiers.

GameRefinery’s industry-leading game intelligence tool uniquely captures proprietary contextual data sets, including:

  • App deconstructions and feature analysis
  • App genre taxonomies
  • Player motivations and archetypes
  • Demographics
  • and much more
GameRefinery proprietary contextual data Liftoff
GameRefinery’s proprietary contextual data

To build its app genre taxonomy, GameRefinery leverages AI to automatically assign apps to “micro-categories”.

In a recent experiment, we fed Liftoff Accelerate machine learning models with GameRefinery’s micro-category taxonomy data to build unique clusters that could help Accelerate campaigns “explore” new inventory more efficiently. We found that new app install campaigns running on these experimental Accelerate ML models saw 10% lower CPIs.

As the mobile app advertising landscape shifts away from device identifiers, the ability to access and convert contextual signals is more important than ever. Leveraging GameRefinery’s micro-category taxonomy into our ML is just one of the many advancements we are making here at Liftoff to help you better optimize your mobile marketing.

In the next blog post on achieving faster growth through our unique product suite, we’ll highlight how mobile marketers scale their campaigns across the Liftoff platform with user-generated content (UGC) ads.

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