MFour increases user engagement by 157% with Liftoff

Campaigns optimized for post-install actions led to increased engagement for MFour

The ChallengeMFour, the leader in mobile research and creator of the Surveys On The Go app, approached Liftoff for help in growing their mobile user base in the US on iOS. Their goal was to acquire new users who complete 3 surveys within the Surveys On The Go app, an install-to-action (ITA) rate of 300%.

The SolutionAudience Profiling – Prior to the initial campaign launch, Liftoff profiled Surveys On The Go users by matching their device IDs to the Liftoff user data store, a rich database of over 1.1 billion mobile user profiles. Upfront audience profiling enabled us to develop detailed user composites and app constellations (a representative view of other apps installed on the user’s phone) of active MFour users for purposes of targeting look-alike users across the RTB exchanges and mobile ad networks.

CPI Optimization – From the start, MFour campaigns performed incredibly well, generating over 100 high quality installs per day while achieving Four’s goals, an install-to-action (ITA) rate of 196%. Over the course of the CPI optimization phase, we were able to increase the ITA to 300%. As our machine learning systems gathered more data, we continued to reduce the CPI even further. Performance improvements were also fueled by extensive creative iterations and A/B testing.

When it comes to app install campaign performance, Liftoff nails it. Instead of buying and optimizing purely on CPI, Liftoff delivers what I actually care about – post-install engagement at our target CPA. Glen Suh · Marketing Manager, MFour

CPA Optimization – With strong campaign performance until this point, our focus shifted to scaling campaigns to reach daily volume targets while maintaining a good CPI and CPA. Spend increased three-fold while controlling for the impact on CPI and ITA. The results we achieved were excellent. Though spend increased significantly, the CPI held constant while the install-to-action rate jumped to 505%, an overall increase of 157% since the start of the campaign.

ConclusionFrom the start, MFour mobile app campaigns performed well. By creating audience profiles of MFour’s engaged users, Liftoff was able to quickly identify and target look-alike users across the major RTB exchanges and mobile ad networks, to drive installs of users that actively completed 3 surveys in the Surveys On The Go app. Extensive creative testing combined with Liftoff’s machine learning system helped Liftoff successfully scale the campaigns to achieve MFour’s volume goals, CPI/CPA targets, and 500% ITA.

Built on more than 20 years of market research experience, MFour is defining mobile and its benefits to research professionals. MFour specializes in developing methodologies to unlock the power of mobile and find the hidden truth in consumer perceptions. Using an all-mobile panel and advanced technology including Surveys On the Go, MFour provides an instant understanding of today’s on-the-go consumer.

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