Celebrating 100 Mobile Heroes: Liftoff Kicks Off Mobile Heroes’ 5-Year Anniversary

By James Haslam | September 28, 2020

After five years, countless photoshoots, and months worth of interview tape, we’ve reached our 100th Mobile Hero! To celebrate this significant milestone, Liftoff is kicking off a month-long celebration with online events, games, and prizes, and we want you to join us! We’ve even created an infomercial about the program.

How We’re Celebrating the Heroes

With that, it should come as no surprise that we’re dedicating the entire month of October to the Heroes. So what will happen in the month ahead? Our agenda is packed with games, panels, prizes, original content and more; all focused on celebrating and showcasing our talented Heroes. Sign up below!

Thursday, October 8 – 100 Mobile Heroes Go Game
If you’ve seen one of our infamous gameshows at a conference, you know this will be unlike any other Zoom happy hour. Get ready to compete in virtual games such as pictionary, lip sync battle, gif challenges, and so much more. So grab a beverage, get your headphones, and come prepared to play.

Week of October 19 – Mobile Heroes Match Game
We’ll be giving away 100 fun prizes through this interactive match game. Winners will be crowned by the fastest time, fewest moves to completion, and some will be simply drawn at random. Set your calendar to ensure you don’t miss out!

Thursday, October 22 – Mobile Heroes Awards Show
The pandemic may have cancelled 2020 but the show must go on! Join us as we recognize the Heroes for their contributions to the industry over the last five years. 

Speaking of a showcase, take a look at our Mobile Heroes map to find out where in the world our Heroes are based!

But that’s not all – for the readers, our blog is running a new series through the month, which will help you discover the real golden nuggets of advice from some of our best Heroes. And to top it all, we’re launching two new Heroes in October. Check our blog weekly (or sign up in the sidebar) to find out who our next Heroes will be.

The History of the Mobile Heroes

If you’re new to the Mobile Heroes Universe (MHU for short), you may not know the background behind what Liftoff has strived to accomplish over the last five years. Liftoff’s VP of Marketing, Dennis Mink, began the program in 2015 to improve knowledge sharing within the industry. “At that time, knowledge sharing was really all around mobile games,” Dennis says. “There were a hundred conferences about mobile games, globally, yet there were only two for non-gaming marketers. There was a lack of content around e-commerce, finance, dating, and other app categories. So we wanted to fill that gap by creating content by the people who knew the most about it.”

Mobile Heroes has grown into something genuinely surprising for the Liftoff team. “I was shocked how many of these Heroes were getting recognized by the industry, and in very surprising ways I didn’t foresee,” Dennis explains. “We saw a number of the first Mobile Heroes get new jobs, invited to speak at conferences, and their LinkedIn networks were exploding. It wasn’t until a couple of years into the program that we recognized how strong of a community that Mobile Heroes had become.”

Over time, Mobile Heroes became about community building alongside its original knowledge-sharing goal (and some added fun along the way). “We want to continue to foster this community and get marketers to share their knowledge organically with each other, so everyone can learn from each other,” says Dennis, pointing out that the Mobile Heroes Slack community is currently 1750+ strong, and continues to provide an underlying current of activity that highlights our commitment to fostering our community. 

“Before COVID-19, we were hosting several offline Mobile Heroes events globally. Now we’ve pivoted to webinars, lunch clubs, and Power Hours to offer 5x the level of community support.”

Sofia Leonova, Marketing Manager at Liftoff, has led the program since joining the team. She’s exceptionally proud of how Mobile Heroes has developed: “The Mobile Heroes program has flourished into a close-knit community of marketers who are always ready to share their knowledge and experience and support one another—online and offline.” Lunch clubs, Power Hours, and the Slack community have all provided a sense that, even virtually, the Mobile Heroes community can thrive.

The closeness and support I’ve seen come to the surface throughout the pandemic is a real testament to the superpowers of the Mobile Heroes.Sofia Leonova, Marketing Manager, Liftoff

How to Become a Hero

Feel like you’re missing out or know someone who should be a Mobile Hero? Simply submit these details and we’ll be in touch. We look forward to adding you to the team.

In the meantime, you can also join the Mobile Heroes Slack community.