Out Now! Liftoff’s 2022 Dating Apps Report Is Here!

By Ruoji Tang | February 2, 2022

As dating apps become more popular, marketers inevitably face new challenges. To stay competitive, apps need to stand out (much like their users). But this can be tricky: dating apps often have similar features, and product owners have fewer ways to differentiate their apps. Monetization is also difficult. Most users prefer to swipe for free, and some may not see the benefit of making in-app purchases.

To grow, marketers need innovative strategies. Finding them begins with the right insights. Liftoff draws on data that spans 29 billion impressions and 13 million installs to offer a closer look at the costs and engagement rates for in-app actions that occur in popular dating apps. The resulting insights will help marketers drive performance and tap into a rapidly flourishing market. Download your free copy of the report now!


Read the report in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, or Russian. Report highlights include:

  • Exclusive cost-per-install and engagement data
  • Cost-per-action data covering registrations and purchases
  • Conversion rates from install to activation
  • A side-by-side comparison of iOS and Android performance
  • Insights and tips from Mobile Heroes and industry insiders