The Liftoff Q3 2015 Mobile App Engagement Index is Out

By Trace Ronning | October 15, 2015

Liftoff is thrilled to announce the release of the Q3 2015 Mobile App Engagement Index. The index provides costs and conversion rates on a variety of mobile post-install events across six different app categories, including eCommerce, Dating, Finance, Social, and Utility based on users acquired through paid mobile advertising.

As we entered summer in North America, the costs associated with mobile CPAs increased across the board, but conversion rates rose as well. This suggests that while mobile activity may be down in the summer, engaged users are more likely to buy.

Q3 saw a shift in Android user purchasing activity, making the platform more attractive to eCommerce marketers tasked with driving purchasing events via mobile apps. We also saw some surprising changes in male vs. female user engagement in subscription-based apps.

Based on an analysis of 45 million app installs and 1.1 billion post-install actions, the Index examines the costs and install-to-action conversion rates of first-time mobile events (e.g. first purchase, first share) a user completes within 30 days of downloading a mobile app via paid app install campaigns. Tracked post-install events include registering, sharing content, making a reservation, making a purchase, and subscribing to a paid service. The app categories examined in the index were: Dating, Travel, eCommerce, Finance, Social, and Utility.

Download the free Liftoff Q3 2015 Mobile App Engagement Index here.

Q3 highlights include:

  • Mobile advertisers spent, on average, $9.46 to acquire a new registered mobile user.
  • The cost to acquire a mobile app subscriber increased 10.6% in Q3.
  • In Q3, 9.6% of iOS users made a first purchase within 30 days of installing an app.
  • The average cost per first reservation in a travel app rose to $42.88.
  • The cost to acquire a registered female user of a dating app was 39.2% higher than a male.


Q3 Mobile App Engagement IndexHow does your app stack up?
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