Month: September 2016

What Mobile Marketers Need to Know About Zeroing Out IDFA

It’s been well documented that iOS 10 introduces many new privacy features. The one that has sent shockwaves through the mobile marketing and attribution industry is “Limit Ad Tracking” within device settings.

If a user turns on “Limit Ad Tracking” on their iOS 10 device, they effectively zero out the device ID (IDFA). Essentially a user opts-out of ad tracking and their device ID is completely hidden. This means it’s no longer possible to deterministically attribute installs and in-app activity resulting from advertising impressions shown to these users. (more…)

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Fresh off the heels of our inclusion as a top performer in AppsFlyer’s Mobile Performance Index, Liftoff has been named one of TUNE’s Top 25 Global Advertising Partners for 2016, our second consecutive year on the list.

“It’s not easy to be on this Top 25 ad partners list. It’s not a popularity show or a beauty contest, it’s a data-driven ranking of over 400 of the top adtech partners that are integrated with TUNE. It’s impressive that Liftoff has accomplished this feat two years in a row.” – John Koetsier, TUNE Mobile Economist


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As companies make strides in their growth investments, it is important to prioritize reporting needs and resources to measure success. For growing mobile-first companies like Ibotta, accessing actionable, consistent and granular data is often challenging due to inconsistencies in acquisition source data or internal resource limitations. These challenges may lead to reporting trade offs for companies getting started, but it is possible to still drive growth.

In this post, we’ll address how the ultimate acquisition attribution solution may not be realistic for early mobile-first startups, and tips on how to achieve growth as you build for the future. (more…)

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Acquiring new mobile users is great, but to really grow your mobile app – especially if it’s free-to-use – optimizing for user retention is priority number one. This is especially true with my company, CBS Sports Digital. The world of sports is action-packed, even when there aren’t any games on, and my job is to bring in users who regularly open the CBS Sports app to check scores, read news, and watch videos about the teams and sports they love.

The CBS Sports app has seen very positive growth since launched, but we still work obsessively to improve user retention rates. This post shares my top 3 tips for optimizing your user acquisition channels to increase user retention. (more…)

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