Big Fish Games’ Janice Gao on Rising through the Ranks to Become Director of Growth Marketing

By Janice Gao | July 20, 2023

Whether it’s a multi-million powerhouse like Genshin Impact or a new match3 title looking to enter the market, any mobile game hoping to thrive in today’s competitive landscape needs a robust marketing strategy. That means understanding how to acquire new users, sustain growth, and identify new monetization opportunities.

Big Fish Games, the renowned developer of casual hits such as Evermerge and Cooking Craze, can testify to what a challenge it is. That’s why an entire team of growth marketers works tirelessly to acquire new users and generate revenue across their casual games portfolio. 

Leading the growth team at Big Fish Games is the Director of Growth Marketing, Mobile Hero Janice Gao, who’s been climbing up the ranks since joining the mobile marketing industry just over five years ago.

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