Marketing Crypto: How to Build Trust in Your App

On Demand Webinar | Marketing Crypto: How to Build Trust in Your App

2021 has been a big year for cryptocurrency. Bitcoin hit a new all-time high price, Elon Musk declared his support of cryptocurrency and major businesses such as Paypal, Sotheby’s and Mastercard all announced they will accept payments in crypto.

With the increased visibility and recognition of cryptocurrency, we ask what crypto app marketers need to be aware of when navigating this fast-paced industry:


  • Kevan Merlehan, Director of Sales @ Liftoff
  • Augustin Chiumenti, Head of Performance @ Luno
  • Srinu Chowhan, VP Marketing & Growth @ BitOasis
  • Gediminas Klepackas, CEO @ Cryptonews
  • Amélie Arras, Director of Marketing @ Zumo

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Why are crypto-investors drawn to this asset class over traditional investments?
  • How do you reach new audiences and how do you build trust in your app?
  • Are there any regulations you need to be aware of with certain markets?
  • How do you adapt your marketing strategy in an industry that is subject to volatility?
  • What can mainstream Financial Services brands learn from crypto marketing?