Using Generative AI Tools to Power Mobile Marketing Strategy

AI seems to be top of mind in all industries today.

How can you scale your mobile marketing efforts by leveraging the effectiveness of AI tools? Join us on July 12th @ 9 am PT / 6 pm CET where experts will share their insights and the most effective strategies you can use today.

What we cover:

  • The landscape of tools to inform strategy and planning
  • Using AI tools for ideation, research and creative production
  • How to keep pace with the evolution of new tools
  • Will AI take our jobs?


  • Saadi Muslu, Head of Content and Product Marketing at Singular
  • Eva Juretic, Growth Marketer at PocketWorlds
  • Peter Fodor, Founder and CEO at App/Agent
  • Shamanth Rao, Founder and CEO at Rocketship HQ
  • Naoka Watanabe, APAC Creative Production Manager at Liftoff