How To Create Ads That Convert, Portuguese

Join us for a discussion on how to create effective ads! In today’s competitive market, it’s essential to capture people’s attention with captivating and eye-catching visuals. However, optimizing creative content can be challenging, with various formats, versions, and channels to consider. It can also be difficult to measure the impact of your ads. 

We brought together a panel of creative experts from Wildlife, Rappi, Singular, Winclap, TikTok and Liftoff to share insights on: 

  • Creative trends to test asap 
  • Must-haves for optimal creative reporting and optimization
  • Changes in creative advertising across channels  
  • The synergy between creators and influencers


  • Rafael Dempsey, Head of Sales Brazil at Singular
  • Rodrigo Ferraz, Growth Partner at Winclap
  • Thaís Lapastini, Creative Strategist at TikTok
  • Gustavo Guimaraes, Creative Operations and Product Manager at Wildlife
  • Sofia Ferreira, Brand Marketing Manager at Rappi
  • Nelson Feitosa, Associate Sales Manager at Liftoff