Bruna Amaya

Head of Marketing

Bruna is the Head of Marketing at Hotel Urbano (Hurb), the leading online travel agency (OTA) in Brazil, based in Rio de Janeiro. She’s had experience in many marketing channels, but found her passion for Mobile Marketing when leading the growth team that led Hurb’s app to becoming their most important channel.

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In your own words, tell us about the apps that you manage?

Our mission is to make travel easier, so we want to have an app that makes that possible. Our app is the closest connection we have to our users, so we value them a lot by offering exclusive deals and providing the best service and UX possible. More than being a demand-driven OTA, we inspire people with their next destination.

How did you get started in mobile marketing?

Mobile Marketing started for me when I was given the task at Hurb to build a team dedicated to growing our app. I knew nothing of mobile marketing back then so it was a huge challenge for me. Since that time, mobile marketing has become my passion.

What do you like most about mobile marketing?

What I like most is that everything is so dynamic and new. Creating acquisition, engagement and monetization strategies in an environment that changes so much forces you to try different things all the time, take risks and be in constant collaboration with your product team. I learn something new everyday. At Hurb, we like to say we are “the startup inside the startup” and that’s why I like it so much.

What does it take to succeed in mobile marketing?

  • Collaborate with your product team. We have found that working on projects cross functionally always leads to the best solutions and ideas
  • Connect with other marketeers. We are all still learning a lot about mobile marketing. Being in touch with other marketers helps me learn and grow more quickly.
  • Have data that you trust and make the best use of it. There’s a lot of data available from a variety of sources. Know what data to trust and have a good team that is able to make the best of it.

What strategies work best to convert installs into engaged app users?

  • Ensure you have a high quality and easy to use app that meets (and preferably exceeds) all users’ expectations. If you lack quality, users will probably leave you before they even get started.
  • Use push notifications smartly by making them so valuable to your user they look forward to receiving them.
  • Invest in campaigns that go beyond mid and bottom funnel retargeting. Try reminding inactive users that they have your app installed.

In the past year, what is one tip you can share which made the biggest performance difference for your UA strategy?

Dedicate (a lot) more effort to your creatives.

What’s your top tip when it comes to mobile ad creative?

Make sure the designers working on your creatives also understand and have access to all the performance data. It’s important that they are curious enough to push their own A/B tests live and understand which of the creatives had the best performance.

What advice can you offer to help marketers combat mobile ad fraud?

  • Be careful about your partners. Check references.
  • Have the right tools to analyze mobile ad fraud.
  • Get informed. Be aware of mobile ad fraud schemes and how to identify them.

What is your go-to resource for keeping up with the mobile ad tech industry?

Staying in constant contact with other marketers in the industry. One great way to do that is by attending industry conferences and meetups.