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Why UGC Is the Way of The Future

By Christie Crable & Nicole Danser | February 20, 2023

Christie Crable has a proven track record of leveraging influencer content to drive performance marketing outcomes for advertisers across a wide range of verticals. As a leader of both the Advertiser and Sales Teams for Liftoff Influence, Christie’s experience and strategic vision have been instrumental in achieving results for her clients.

Nicole Danser is the head of the creative team at Liftoff Influence and has worked in the performance-based influencer marketing space for the past four years. Her learnings from closely working with brands and influencers across multiple platforms have helped drive her team to produce top-tier creative strategies for social media advertising and the wider programmatic buying space.

With over one billion monthly active users, it’s no wonder that TikTok trends are becoming an essential part of our daily lives. TikTok content is ubiquitous—even users without the app still see the videos. The videos carry over to other social media platforms—their influencers are featured in advertisements, and their dances or trends are highlighted in video games. No matter where you see TikTok content, the takeaway is the same: Mobile users are accustomed to seeing short, trendy, user-generated content (UGC) everywhere

But how do mobile performance marketers leverage viral dances, trending sounds, and creators who are so authentic they feel like part of our clique? How can the authenticity of a platform like TikTok translate into user acquisition, conversions, and increased lifetime value?

A few cutting-edge advertisers partnering with Liftoff Influence show how to make it happen. Here’s what mobile advertisers are learning about working with creators to drive performance—and why UGC ads are the way of the future.

  1. Embrace Authenticity

Influencers on platforms like TikTok and Instagram gain cult-like followings when their content resonates with a specific audience. They often give us a glimpse into their makeup-free mornings, messy houses, or chaotic lives to make them feel more relatable. Even with filters and editing, the rawness of their videos creates a sense of authenticity and trustworthiness that speaks to their fans. 

When brands work with UGC creators to make ads, they should embrace the same aesthetic. UGC ads don’t need to feel like polished brand commercials. Instead, lean into the rough social media vibe that makes the creator seem trustworthy and familiar. It’ll lead to longer video completion rates and increased conversions.

  1. Don’t Abandon What Is Already Working

But what about the great animations and branded content our marketing teams have already produced that are performing well for us? Why change up our current strategy?

With assets that are already driving UA performance, think of UGC as a way to amplify that excellent performance. Consider engaging a well-spoken influencer to create a first-person style ad that can be spliced together with your top-performing gameplay. Creator voiceovers or green screens added to top-performing assets are a proven way to insert UGC into what’s already working. 

Liftoff advertisers have also seen success pairing a top-performing creator asset with another great video ad to create longer media that can serve in 30-plus-second spots. 

When the top-performing gameplay changes, reuse the same creator asset with new gameplay. Suddenly the entire ad is revitalized, performing as well as the original on the first round of testing.

  1. Testing Is Key

When given the freedom to do what they do best, creators can develop concepts that even the most seasoned brand marketers would never have conceived. This is why testing is so important. 

Engage with a diversity of creators, not just those that fit your target demographic. For any campaign focusing on new user acquisition, fresh faces from different age groups, races, locations, etc., can help unlock new markets. We often find that sincerity and authenticity in a creator’s script delivery matters more than if they are the same age as your target user.

In addition, be open to testing new formats. Skit-style videos, dancing trends, and pointing to text boxes with an engaging beat drop all may seem unusual for UA, but give them a try. These styles are familiar to the average consumer, so their performance can surprise you. 

Finally, be open to testing a few styles of ads and types of creators at once. Top performers will quickly emerge, giving insights on how to iterate and improve.

So now that you’re convinced that UGC is a great way to breathe new life into your creative assets, how do you go about finding top-tier creators, negotiating deals with them, and ensuring a top-quality outcome?

Finding the right creators, managing relationships via direct messages, and handling payments for media rights can quickly become time-consuming and more complicated than it’s worth. The hassle has caused many advertisers to abandon UGC efforts altogether. 

However, partnering with an end-to-end creator platform like Liftoff Influence removes all those pain points. We handle the ins and outs of working with creators, allowing you to quickly and efficiently generate high-quality UGC that truly drives results.