Mobile Heroes Jingle 2022

By Morgan Friberg | December 12, 2022

Another one in the books! As the month winds down, we want to take some time to thank Heroes and friends for all your hard work in sharing knowledge this year. We look forward to new and exciting adventures in 2023. In celebration, our very own Morgan Friberg, has written a song!

2022 has been a banner year, 

We’d like to wrap it up, with some holiday cheer

The Mobile Hero family has grown greatly in size

We’ve made many new friends across the globe, liiiike: 

Katarzyna Marques David, from Huuuuge Games

And Daniel Kenny-Godoy, the adops reddit he tames. 

We welcomed Nico Winkelhaus from the PAYBACK shopping app

And Dave Edwards, SVP of Revenue at Audiomack

Radostina Zhekova, UA Manager at Jam City

While Brian Truman, excel whiz at Scopely

Don’t forget Head of Mobile, Akira Morishita

And Yann Fasbender, UA lead at Canva 

We added new Mobile Heroes, in a Turkey edition

Featuring gaming marketer Mert Ersöz, great addition

Anel and Carolina are the power duo from Wildlife Studios

While overseeing ad monetization, the career Kelly Kang chose

Don’t mess with Amy Huang, she’s a seasoned kickboxer

Our agency edition brought Agustin, Winclap’s Sr. Performance Manager

Geoff Hladik from FlipaClip has a great personality

Featured on our podcast, he’s no mobile marketer wannabe

Let’s not forget Philippa Layburn from London-based Trailmix

And how about Gabby Bradford Pigott, Candywriter’s VP of Partnerships!

While Thanasi Chalkiadakis is a funny and friendly fellow

Faith Price from DoubleDown Interactive works on UA, Ad Monetization, and ASO

Welcome all Mobile Heroes to our family in 22

You’ve made our year great, we hope you feel it too.

Liftoff wishes you a wonderful year in 23

Let’s hope that Apple doesn’t release SKAN 4.3