The Importance of Understanding Unique Cultures When Marketing Globally

By Marco & Faisal | June 12, 2017

Marco Esposito was formerly International Mobile Marketing Manager at Delivery Hero.

After my studies I moved to Berlin where I started working for an ad network and developed my interest in the mobile environment. The experience I gained as an account manager and a business development manager brought me to Delivery Hero almost two years ago. I started working on (DE) and Talabat (MENA), responsible for building mobile marketing strategies and optimizing the campaigns supporting their respective targets.

For me it has always been crucial developing strong relationships with the partners able to reach our KPIs and to scale the relationship with them instead of testing hundreds of networks; this approach seemed to be successful to improve our cohorts.

Working in a company which operates in 40+ countries forces you to understand how unique cultures matter in building strategies and in optimizing campaigns. Replication is not enough, it’s important to get to know how locals behave on mobile.


Tracking is a key topic when it comes to mobile marketing. Having a solid tracking structure in place enables you to properly define your strategies, to innovate in terms of targeting and to communicate in a more effective way to your audience.


In a competitive environment, engaging users visually becomes more and more challenging… but also fun. My aim is to differentiate the type of assets and the production of them according to the types of publishers which work the best. Quality users won’t perceive the presence of our ad as intrusive but they will find it aligned with the experience they’re having.

Learn more about Marco from his Mobile Heroes profile.


As an international mobile marketing manager, for me it is essential to keep local cultures in mind. Staying aware how differently users behave on mobile from one country to another helps communicating effectively with quality users.


Embracing the dynamism of mobile marketing solutions is a key to succeed. Not being scared of innovating is essential. Testing new ways of communicating is central. But bare in mind, you will only be effective with a solid and strong tracking structure in place.