Author: Morgan Friberg

A few weeks ago, we released the 2016 Mobile App Engagement Index. This is a biggie – it highlights data for the first half of 2016, with many trends back to 2015, from over 7.3 million app installs and 65 million post-install mobile events. The Index compares differences in app engagement by gender and operating systems. We slice and dice data across five major app categories: Shopping, Finance, Gaming, Travel, and Utility.

In this post, we are going to focus on the average cost to acquire (CPA) a user for Registrations, Reservations, Purchases, In-App Purchases, and Subscriptions. (more…)

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We’re excited to release the 2016 Liftoff Mobile App Engagement Index. The purpose of this Index is to give mobile marketers a way to benchmark the performance of their mobile user acquisition and retargeting campaigns.

The Index examines mobile CPA and engagement rates from January through June of 2016, providing benchmarks for app install campaigns. The Index seeks to answer questions on engagement across categories, platforms and gender. For the first time, we analyzed Gaming as an engagement category. (more…)

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What Mobile Marketers Need to Know About Zeroing Out IDFA

It’s been well documented that iOS 10 introduces many new privacy features. The one that has sent shockwaves through the mobile marketing and attribution industry is “Limit Ad Tracking” within device settings.

If a user turns on “Limit Ad Tracking” on their iOS 10 device, they effectively zero out the device ID (IDFA). Essentially a user opts-out of ad tracking and their device ID is completely hidden. This means it’s no longer possible to deterministically attribute installs and in-app activity resulting from advertising impressions shown to these users. (more…)

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