Author: Jon Burg

Guest Blog: Jon Burg is the Head of Product Marketing at AppsFlyer
. Jon is a seasoned marketer with 10 years experience in communications, customer experience and product innovation. As the founder of the social marketing capability at Digitas, Jon led social marketing and product strategy for a number of Fortune 500 brands.

AppsFlyer, founded in 2011, is a SaaS mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform, based out of Herzliya, Israel. 

Mobile fraud is a real and growing issue. As billions of dollars have poured into the mobile marketing ecosystem, fraudsters have upped their game, finding ever more advanced ways to tap into this lucrative market. Since 2011, the team at AppsFlyer has helped mobile marketers detect, prevent and actively fight mobile fraud. Over the years, as the scale and sophistication of mobile fraud has grown, we have worked hand-in-hand with advertisers and partners across the industry to address this challenge.


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