Run 100% CPA-optimized mobile user acquisition in under 60 days.

Liftoff helps you grow your mobile business by only acquiring users who are most likely to take meaningful actions in your app, such as making a purchase or subscribing to a service.

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Pay for Actions, Not Installs

Unlike traditional CPI-based app install campaigns, Liftoff uses machine learning to acquire mobile users at your target cost per post-install action. No more buying on CPI.

Drive installs that convert

Build an active user base with app install campaigns optimized for post-install engagement

Reach your Target Audience

Liftoff creates profiles of your most active users and targets lookalike audiences across the mobile ecosystem

Creative that clicks

App install creative goes through rapid A/B testing to deliver industry best install-to-action conversion rates

No more buying on CPI

After a short testing period, Liftoff will move you from a CPI to CPA pricing model

Performance-based Mobile Advertising Solutions to Help You Grow

Whether you have an app, a mobile site or just want quality leads, Liftoff offers a variety of advertising solutions to help you reach your market on mobile.

I want quality app installs
Acquire users who actively engage and take revenue-generating actions in your app.

I want to re-engage my users
Increase engagement and retention with CPA-optimized retargeting campaigns.

I want to generate leads
Acquire quality leads on mobile with in-app Lead Gen Ads. No app or mobile site required.

I want visitors to my website
Not ready to promote your app? Try App-to-web campaigns to direct users to your mobile site.

New! Learn best practices
in marketing non-gaming apps

Marketing a non-gaming app presents unique challenges. Get insights, tips and best practices from leading non-gaming app marketers to help you drive installs, engagement and growth in your mobile app.


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Jun 28

Introducing Dynamic Ads: Acquire better quality users with programmatic creative

Liftoff is excited to announce the launch of Dynamic Ads, hyper personalized mobile ads assembled and tested programmatically, delivering far better performance that standard mobile ads. Join our webinar to get the inside scoop on how Dynamic Ads work.

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