Control the mobile ad chaos

The Liftoff Control Center gives you real-time visibility into precisely where every ad dollar is being spent, and from which audiences you're getting the most installs and in-app engagement. You can monitor the improvements our machine learning engine makes to your KPIs over time, and you can control budget, targeting parameters, and creative selection.

Spend with confidence

The key to a successful mobile ad campaign is to advertise only to the users who have a good chance of engaging with your app. Liftoff's intelligence engine does this by targeting the user groups it predicts your app will resonate with. It then immediately and continuously refines those targeting parameters as your campaigns unfold.

The intelligence engine leverages a rich set of user composites which are constructed from proprietary and third-party behavioral, biographic, and geographic datasets.

Optimize for downstream engagement

It's difficult to find users who will not only install your app, but engage with it. With Liftoff, you can stop sweating the pre-install funnel metrics in your campaigns, and instead focus on the value you're getting from the post-install engagement tunnel. You'll be able to see which ad campaigns are bringing in installs and which have the best post-install conversion rates.

Achieve massive scale

Advertise across the entire mobile ecosystem: the leading RTB exchanges, mobile ad networks, social networks, and direct publisher partners. You can cast a wide net and find users who will convert well to your app wherever they are in the world.