ZiMAD Increased Windows’ ARPDAU by 133% With Vungle’s Contribution

Founded in 2009, ZiMAD (also known as XiMAD Inc) develops and publishes games and apps for mobile platforms, PC, and social networks. ZiMAD’s portfolio includes the popular game Magic Jigsaw Puzzles, which has accumulated more than 50 million downloads worldwide. Headquartered in San Francisco, ZiMAD employs more than 200 passionate people across nine offices in the U.S. and Europe. More than a game developer, ZiMAD also engages in social activities, assisting orphanages and wildfire relief efforts in California and Russia.

The Challenge

ZiMAD was interested in increasing competition for their large Windows and Amazon ad traffic. While they had a strong foothold in top-tier geographies (U.S., Canada, Germany, U.K.), they were looking to expand their global performance even further. Having strong performance results working with Vungle on iOS and Android, ZiMAD decided to add Vungle to their ad stacks for Windows and Amazon.

The Solution

After integration, Vungle quickly became a strong ad network on Windows for ZiMAD, gradually increasing their monthly overall revenue share from 5% to 40%. Positioned at the top of their waterfall while supplying a high fill rate, Vungle became the No. 1 video ad supply source on Windows for ZiMAD.

On the Amazon platform, Vungle also won first place in ZiMAD’s video ads waterfalls, providing a high demand and fill rate. At the moment, Vungle contributes to more than 50% of the monthly overall revenue share on Amazon.

ZiMAD accomplished this using Vungle’s flexible and easy-to-use platform. ZiMAD particularly appreciated the platform’s ability to add multiple ad calls without any limitation to the number of placements. Additionally, the Flat CPM feature granted ZiMAD the flexibility to optimize their waterfall by applying eCPM value changes at any time, allowing them to quickly capitalize on increased advertisers’ spend opportunities.

ZiMAD also valued the regular communication and recommendations provided by their Vungle account manager. Vungle’s insights into placement floors and advertiser spending trends were valuable in generating even stronger ad revenue performance.

Moreover, Zimad noted Vungle’s high-quality ads/campaigns, which made for a good user experience that positively affected the retention rate.


Q4 2020 became one of the most profitable quarters for ZiMAD’s Windows app portfolio. Vungle’s share of voice increased from 11% to 61% between Q4 2019 and Q4 2020, which resulted in ZiMAD’s Windows revenue increase by 20% and ARPDAU by 133%.

ZiMAD is now exploring other growth opportunities with Vungle, testing app bidding, and potentially expanding to other ad formats such as MREC and banners. Thanks to this great partnership, ZiMAD is able to constantly grow their Windows and Amazon portfolio.

“Vungle has always been one of our key monetization partners. Year-over-year, Vungle didn’t only grow their share of voice but also made a considerable contribution to the ARPDAU growth.”

Anna Krivonosova
Ad Monetization Manager, ZiMAD