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Betul Ozdemir

UA Manager

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Betul Ozdemir Product Madness Betul Ozdemir Comic Character

Meet Betul Ozdemir, UA Manager at Product Madness. She drives user acquisition strategies with zeal and precision, overseeing marketing campaigns and budgets and fostering strong partnerships to fuel success. Betul is also a dedicated advocate for women in mobile gaming, sharing her insights and experiences to inspire innovation and inclusivity in the industry.

How would you describe the types of games that Product Madness makes to a new player?

At Product Madness, we specialize in creating social slot games based on different Aristocrat IPs, such as Buffalo Slots. Our games are fun and exciting with many different slot machine IPs like Buffalo Slots—perfect for anyone who enjoys classic slots or those looking for engaging narratives. Essentially, get ready to spin and win!

Can you give a brief overview of what you do day-to-day at Product Madness?

My day-to-day work is all about driving effective user acquisition, which involves overseeing the planning, execution, and optimization of our marketing campaigns across different demand sources. This includes analyzing performance metrics, managing budgets, and collaborating with ad partners and internal teams to ensure alignment with our company’s strategies and goals.

Among your responsibilities at Product Madness, which one (or ones) excite(s) you most and why?

I love creative testing. It allows me to experiment with creative strategies, ad formats, visuals, and messages. For example, I can see how a change to something as small as an ad’s CTA resonates with our audience. Witnessing the direct impact of innovative creatives on campaign performance is satisfying because it taps into my desire to think outside the box and push my creative boundaries.

Creative testing is also incredibly rewarding because you can see the impact of innovative and engaging creatives on campaign performance. I love diving into data—it helps me develop new testing ideas based on metrics like click-through rates (CTRs). Let’s say I see that CTR is decreasing for a particular campaign’s creative. I now know that I need to do something else.

Considering the critical role of testing in your job, what advice would you give to our readers to walk away with and implement in their own campaign optimization strategy?

A key piece of advice is to structure your experiments clearly. Establish clear hypotheses, identify key testing variables (tip: only test apples-to-apples), and set up tests in a controlled manner. This systematic approach is essential for gathering meaningful data that can inform optimization strategies for ad creatives, audience segments, bid prices, or ad placements.

Has a particular strategic move significantly impacted your campaigns in the past year?

In UA, the role of creatives is underestimated. Even with small tweaks and constant iteration, creatives can completely change the course of a campaign. For Product Madness, focusing on playable ads has been transformative and the key to my success last year. We’ve shifted our strategy to using interactive playables in all our campaigns. For example, on programmatic ad channels, we’ve changed the end cards for all our ad creatives from static to playable end cards. This significantly boosted CTR and enhanced installs per mille (IPM).

On the topic of privacy, can you share your experiences with navigating privacy initiatives in mobile advertising?

It’s important to leverage aggregated data and statistical modeling techniques to fill the gaps left by SKAdNetwork’s (SKAN) limited attribution window and data granularity. Mobile advertisers running SKAN campaigns must overcome SKAN’s restrictive attribution model, delayed reporting, and measurement issues.

However, by implementing advanced statistical modeling techniques and utilizing aggregated data from multiple sources, advertisers can gain deeper insights into user behavior and campaign effectiveness even with super-limited data. The modeling data Product Madness uses today allows us to maintain control over campaign budgets. For example, thanks to statistical modeling, we know how a SKAN campaign is trending.

What would you see if we gave you access to a crystal ball to peer into the short- and medium-term future of performance marketing?

In most industries, two to three years is nothing. But our industry has evolved rapidly in a short amount of time. AI and ML technologies are game changers. They already play a significant role in performance marketing. Advertisers can leverage AI tools for campaign management in advanced targeting and personalization to drive greater efficiency.

Generative AI is also improving ad creative, including UGC ads. AI tools help us iterate quickly and predict what works best. This helps us identify the elements of an ad that are working well. AI helps creative teams produce at scale, but it’s important to remember that budgets are limited for most companies. We still approach testing cautiously, ensuring we’re only running our best creatives and finding what works for each channel.

As a woman in the mobile and gaming industry, what does it mean to you?

Being a woman in the mobile and gaming industry means overcoming stereotypes and discrimination while bringing unique perspectives, talents, and experiences to drive innovation and positive change. Many users in the mobile gaming industry are women, which rings true even for the core audiences of our games. The insights women bring to the industry enhance both product development and marketing strategies.

What are your top three go-to resources for keeping up with performance marketing?

I frequently visit Mobile Day Memo’s website and podcast. I also engage with strong gaming communities across Europe, particularly in Istanbul and Barcelona. Additionally, industry events and conferences such as Gamesforum and App Growth Summit provide access to specialized sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities. These resources offer invaluable networking opportunities and a wealth of information for anyone in mobile gaming performance marketing.