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Game Intelligence

Build better games.

Analyze markets and genres to uncover gaps in the market and trends from over 50 genres. Save time and find inspiration with up-to-date intelligence on competitive features and implementations.


Game Intelligence

Feature insights

Identify the features that will keep your players engaged and generate more revenue.

Game Intelligence

Game classification

Use the most market-relevant genre classification to ensure your getting accurate and actionable market insights.


Game Intelligence

Best practices

Access insights and implementations from our in-house team’s analysis of thousands of games from the most important markets.


Game Intelligence


Find success drivers with deconstructions that deep dive into your competition’s feature sets, gameplay elements, roadmaps, implementations, and more.

Features & Genre Insights

Develop the features players want.

Study the market in feature-level detail. Go beyond performance metrics to see the genres and features driving revenue, from live events and premium currencies, covering 200+ features.

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Features & Genre Insights

Features insights

Prioritize the development of features players like while maximizing revenue for your app.

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Features & Genre Insights

Market watch

Fine-tune your game by analyzing what’s happening on the market, live events, premium currencies, and feature updates.

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Features & Genre Insights

Market explorer

Get insights on trending features and find new niches using genre and market filters.

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Features & Genre Insights

Player data & demographics

Understand your audience and their motivations, then add features that resonate with them.

Player Persona Insights

Attract the right players to your game.

Understand who your players are and build engaging games based on demographic and motivation data on genres, games, and features.

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Player Persona Insights

Player data & demographics

Design games for better user engagement by knowing your audience and their motivations.

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Player Persona Insights

Competitor analysis

Understand the interests and make-up of users from your top competitors to make better-informed decisions.

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Player Persona Insights

Player demographics

Analyze the demographic appeal of genres, games, and features to guide your research and development.

Player Persona Insights

Analytical data

Get unique first-hand insights from our in-house analysts to guide your acquisition of high-quality users.

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