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Liftoff Helps Triwin Achieve Consistent ROAS Performance of 76%

Liftoff’s retargeting platform sent the social casino giant to new heights

Triwin Games, a social-casino gaming company based in China, wanted to boost earnings of their marquee title, Tycoon Casino, a popular app with over five million installs on the Play Store. Tycoon Casino has been available for many years and has built a broad user base since its launch.

As the app’s popularity grew, it became more challenging for Triwin to find new users. Because of this evolution, Triwin’s focus shifted from new user acquisition to retaining high-value, active users.

Triwin has been working with Liftoff since 2018. Early in our engagement, Liftoff helped the company to acquire new users. More recently, Triwin utilized Liftoff to retarget existing users, setting a 50% Day 7 Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS) target on iOS and Android in the US.

Liftoff’s solutionTo achieve performance targets, Liftoff leveraged Triwin’s postback event data to retarget users. This method allows Liftoff to create audiences based on in-app behavior and retarget them with contextual messaging to get them back into the app.

For example, Liftoff can target users who made an in-app purchase but stopped using the app after three days, with messaging optimized for the audience that delivers better results for Triwin. In fact, Liftoff designed and A/B tested ad creatives of various sizes and formats for down-funnel conversion throughout the campaign.

In one test, the Liftoff ad creative team swapped out text with recognizable slot-machine icons, increasing the click-through rate (CTR) by over 4%.


Since the start of Triwin’s retargeting campaign, Liftoff achieved the following results:

  • 61% D7 ROAS averaged throughout the Android campaign.
  • 76% D7 ROAS averaged throughout the iOS campaign.

Triwin is very happy with Liftoff’s retargeting campaigns, which currently makes up a significant portion of Triwin’s daily run rate with Liftoff. As of now, Liftoff is Triwin’s second-largest retargeting partner and plans to continue scaling budgets in the future.

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Triwin Games, founded in January 2018, is one of the fast-growing game publishers in China. Since its establishment, Triwin Games has dedicated itself to publishing online casino games, with a team that has comprehensive experience in the online casino games industry. Our knowledge of in-game design, development, and our publishing strength enables Triwin Ganes to launch products that cater to a worldwide audience.

  • Founded in 2018
  • HQ: Shenzhen, China