Impulse sees revenue from Liftoff Monetize grow 3x by moving to in-app bidding


Impulse is a leading brain training app that helps users improve their mental health by enjoying entertaining games and solving logic puzzles. Impulse is a part of Headway, an EdTech startup that helps users cultivate sustainable habits for self-development. Impulse is based in Kyiv, Ukraine, and their team consists of 25 outstanding professionals. 

In 2022, Impulse became the most downloaded Health & Fitness iOS app in the world. It’s also a global leader of the brain training segment by revenue & downloads (see Sensor Tower reference below).

Yevhenii Kostenetskyi, CEO at Impulse, shares with us his experience working and growing revenue with Liftoff Monetize.


The ChallengeSave Time on Waterfall Management

When we started working with Liftoff Monetize, our goals were to diversify our ad monetization setup and maximize ad revenue for every impression. 

Managing waterfalls can be time-consuming. They require constant monitoring and optimization to ensure that all ads are being served effectively. We have a small team. By allocating our time to optimization, our attention was taken away from other valuable projects that help make our app a success.

The SolutionSmooth Integration of Liftoff’s In-App Bidding Solution

We started to use the Liftoff Monetize in-app bidding solution a year and a half ago. Since then, we cut down drastically on the time we devoted to waterfall testing. Liftoff Monetize’s in-app bidding solution helped us reach our goals in a time and cost-efficient manner. As a result, we were able to reallocate the time we saved on improving our product.

The integration and testing processes were smooth and fast. Any issues or questions that arose along the way were resolved quickly and efficiently by the Liftoff Monetize team. Now, Liftoff Monetize helps us monetize all ad formats available within our product.

The ResultsRevenue Growth Through Collaboration

Since implementing Liftoff Monetize’s in-app bidding solution, we’ve seen eCPMs increase by around 15%. Our average daily revenue from Liftoff Monetize has grown 3x on iOS. Liftoff Monetize is now one of our top partners in ad monetization, and we communicate closely with the Liftoff team to find more opportunities to grow. Going forward, we’re excited to grow our banner ads and monetize our Android version when we release it.

Liftoff Monetize helped us improve our ad monetization effectiveness without additional headaches and operational burdens.” 

Yevhenii Kostenetskyi, CEO at Impulse