Liftoff Re-Engagement Campaign Increases In-App Purchases 569% for MyTona

Impression-to-In-App Purchase Rate Increases 900% for Hidden Objects Game

The ChallengeMyTona worked with Liftoff to run a mobile re-engagement campaign for their Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery gaming app on Android, in tandem with their successful user acquisition campaign. The goal of the campaign was to improve overall Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by increasing in-app purchases of players who previously purchased within the app.

The SolutionPrior to launching the campaign, Liftoff analyzed the MyTona app user flow to better understand how users engage with the game to make in-app purchases. A good understanding of the funnel and post-install events is important to ensure the campaign is set up for success.

Next, using the creatives and copy provided by MyTona, the Liftoff ad creative team built out numerous A/B tests for banners, native ads and interstitials. While staying within the MyTona brand guidelines, the tests compared copy variations, CTA buttons, and different variations and difficulties of game play with playable ads.

The key to successful re-engagement campaigns is Liftoff’s ability to target users at very specific stages of the user flow. In the case of Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery, the Liftoff machine learning (ML) platform began optimizing bids towards players who installed the app but hadn’t made an in-app purchase, or purchased only once, but never again. Liftoff then started bidding on all major RTB exchanges with all ad formats.

Liftoff is one of our highest performing UA partners, so when the team approached us to try re-engagement, we knew we were in good hands with our first ever re-engagement campaign. We had great results running re-engagement campaigns with Liftoff and continued to expand our partnership further. Elena Vinokurova, Marketing Growth Manager at MyTona

The ResultsThe campaign has gone through a lot of testing to reach the best possible results. Initially we started retargeting users most likely to convert – repeat purchasers. Once we were successful retargeting these users, we took the learnings and expanded to other segments. Specifically, we retargeted users who reached certain game levels but didn’t progress.

We also looked at other user signals, outside of game levels, to identify points along the funnel with high drop off before a purchase. Initially we tested this in the US, and as it proved to be very successful in terms of driving purchases, we expanded this strategy to other geos.

Through continued creative testing alone we were able to generate a 183% lift in click-through rate and 5% increase in in-app purchases. Tests focussed on the app’s unique gameplay were very successful, showing that it’s important to value users’ attention and keep the interaction focussed on the gameplay.

Other successful results for the MyTona re-engagement campaign include:

  • In-app purchases increased 569%
  • Impression-to-in-app purchase rate increased 900%
  • CPAs decreased 90%

Once we saw this strategy working, Liftoff began re-engaging Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery users at every stage of the funnel with a strategy specifically tailored to each segment. As a result of the positive performance, we were able to ramp up and scale ad spend.


MyTona is a free-to-play mobile game developer and publisher founded by twin brothers in Siberia. Their games include Cooking Diary, Ravenhill and Seekers Notes, one of the most successful hidden object puzzle adventure games created.

  • Founded in 2012
  • Yakutsk, Russia