finance apps report 2019

NEW! 2019 Finance Apps Report

By Anya Pratskevich | April 10, 2019

In mature mobile markets, finance apps have won a pivotal position in users’ lives. People use banking apps to manage their savings, pay credit cards, make investments, and more. This year, however, will mark a new phase in the global adoption of mobile finance apps, in which mobile will significantly change the way people bank in emerging markets. The 2019 Finance Apps Report by Liftoff and Leanplum reveals the biggest trends, opportunities and challenges for mobile app marketers in fintech. For the first time, the report is also available in Japanese and Spanish.


The report draws from Liftoff internal data from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018, spanning 10.3 billion impressions across 2.7 million app installs, 168 million clicks and 1.7 million activations and registrations. The report tracks costs and conversions across a range of mobile engagement activities and breaks down data by platform, user demographics and region. The report also sheds light on the best months of the year to acquire and engage users.

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Download the report to learn:

  • Which markets lead the way in finance apps
    Compare YoY costs and engagement rates in APAC, EMEA, and North America
  • How big is the “gender gap” in finance apps
    View the data breakdown by gender
  • What’s a good retention rate in finance apps
    Benchmark your retention rate on Day 1, 7, 30, 60 & 90 against other apps in the finance category

As the competition in fintech grows more fierce, marketers armed with the knowledge of industry benchmarks and trends will have the best chance to succeed. For more insights and 2019 engagement and retention data in the Finance app category, download the full report.