Vizor Exceeds KPIs on Amazon With Vungle, Increases Spend by Over 80% Y-o-Y

Vizor Interactive is a leading global developer of multiplayer games for browser, social networks, mobile, and PC/console, with offices in Minsk, Belarus, Vilnius, Lithuania, Kyiv, Ukraine, and Limassol, Cyprus.

The 600-strong game studio was the first to introduce the “expedition mechanics” in their adventure games, letting players build their home station from scratch, travel through various locations, and take part in timed events and live ops.

Since opening their doors in 2007, Vizor’s titles including Klondike Adventures, Atlantis Odyssey, and Mahjong Treasure Quest have been featured multiple times in the app stores.

The Challenge

After 14 years of creating hit games, Vizor has accumulated a user base of 50 million players around the world. Satisfied with their millions of players in places such as the U.S., tier 1 geos, and countries across APAC, Vizor sought to bring their games to more players and in more regions.

Vizor was looking into improving the user acquisition process on the Amazon platform in order to get better ROAS and scale. Aware that there was little competition in their genre on the Amazon store, the team decided to take advantage of this opportunity with the platform.

The Solution

Vungle being able to provide valuable traffic on the Amazon platform, Vizor quickly saw good performance and was hitting their KPIs. The communication and transparency with their Vungle account manager allowed Vizor to explore growth opportunities for their campaigns.

In order to find the optimal account and campaign setup, Vungle has been sharing best practices and competitive insights. Additionally, Vungle Creative Labs shared the latest trend in creatives with the team and produced new ones to improve Vizor’s creative mix.

The Vungle account manager was also proactively sharing new supply opportunities to help expand and adjust the publisher targeting mix, resulting in greater scale and positive performance.


Vungle’s leading app discovery platform and world-class account management team had a profound impact on Vizor’s objective, outperforming the studio’s KPIs year-over-year for Amazon. When comparing Q1 2021 to Q1 2020 and Q2 2021 to Q2 2020 year-over-year, Vizor achieved:

Q1 2020 versus Q1 2021

  • Increased overall spend by 180%, exceeding their performance KPI
  • Increased publisher mix by 52%
  • Exceeded Q1 2021 ROAS KPI by 39%

Q2 2020 versus Q2 2021

  • Increased overall spend by 78%, exceeding their performance KPI
  • Increased publisher mix by 161%
  • Exceeded Q2 2021 ROAS KPI by 39%

After their runaway success on Amazon through Vungle, Vizor tested and scaled campaigns on other platforms.

“Vungle is one of the few networks that provides high scale and quality traffic on the Amazon Appstore. Their strong account management team helped us increase our relevant publisher mix by 160%, achieve our cost goals, and meet our KPIs. And after partnering with Vungle Creative Labs, we drastically improved our creative mix. Vungle has everything we need to achieve stable growth in spend and performance. Therefore, today Vungle is one of our key mobile growth partners.”

Anton Poleschuk
User Acquisition Manager, Vizor